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Mallon de TC exists to provide a range of high quality, low cost, Christian distance e-learning studies for teenagers to centenarians.  For those on low income, we do not charge for Y1 if applying through the church option.  Indeed, any may try first a special package totally free.

Faith Position: Evangelical

Do you seek a one year certificate course?

Do you seek a doctorate?

Do you seek something in between?

Do you wish to work from your home?

Do you wish to link studies to a local church?

Are you happy with low to moderate fees?

At pre-degree level, for teens & older, students may do a Certificate in Biblical Studies, an Advanced Certificate in Theology, or a Diploma in Theology: we encourage local churches to help out, and under certain conditions to mark.

But for those looking deeper, we offer three levels in Theology: Bachelors, Masters, & Doctorate.

Bachelor in Theology

Y4 takes students into graduate level (theology emphasis).

Masters in Theology

Y6 takes students into the masters level (theology emphasis).

Doctorate in Theology

Y8 takes students into the highest academic level (theology emphasis).

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Y1 majors in 6 surveys of biblical literature.

Advanced Certificate in Theology

Y2 majors in theological studies.

Diploma in Theology

Y3 level covers mainly subjects of theology.